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About Inland Property Tax Services, LLC

As experts in the field of property tax with more than 50
years of experience, Inland Property Tax Services, LLC,
an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC, has
saved its clients in excess of $46 million in annual taxes.
Inland Property Tax Services can help maximize your tax
recovery and minimize your tax costs, help you appeal
and reduce property assessments, avoid tax penalties
and cut administrative expenses. With a nationwide team
of property tax professionals, you’ll benefit from our vast
knowledge of thousands of local tax jurisdictions, unique
laws and administrative requirements – county to county
and state to state.


Benefits of Using Inland Property Tax Services, LLC

  • One point of contact for an experienced team of property tax analysts combined with qualified tax consultants and attorneys
  • Representation in all 50 states and more than 7,000 local tax jurisdictions
  • Total fees charged are significantly less than our competitors
  • Utilize a full range of services in a fast-pace, rapidly changing environment

Our Services

Property tax due diligence for new acquisitions, mergers, development and dispositions

  • Projection of property taxes
  • Link acquisition variables to local assessment practices
  • Review tax delinquencies, which occasionally do not come up on title reports
  • Assist with pre-acquisition negotiations
  • Reviews of anticipated property performance, deal structure options and jurisdictional tax records

Compliance services for real and personal property

  • Manage high volume tax bills administration
  • Secure, audit and assure timely payment of tax bills
  • Prepare and file compliance tax returns, tax abatements, credits and incentives
  • Conduct delinquent tax searches
  • Secure tax refund payments
  • Research and coordinate parcel changes due to acquisitions, dispositions and plat of subdivisions

Negotiations, appeals and litigation management

  • Conduct annual analysis to evaluate appeal strategies
  • Communicate with clients regarding litigation costs and risks
  • Identify and retain qualified representation
  • Review legislation for client impact
  • Forecasting, budgeting and management reporting
  • Identify opportunities and strategies for managing tax liabilities
  • Enable clients to access the property status, download critical information pertaining to values, appeals and taxes

Meet our team

Tracy G. Le

Tracy G. Le is President of Inland Property Tax Services, LLC, an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate
Group, LLC, which she joined in 2004. Tracy has nearly 20 years of experience in real estate and
tangible personal property tax filings, appeals, assessment negotiations, audits, multi-state property
tax compliance, tax abatement, tax projections and pre-acquisition tax due diligence. She currently
oversees the property tax group, which includes a diverse portfolio of more than $5 billion taxable
market value of commercial real estate properties including retail, office, industrial, agricultural, hotel,
apartments and mixed-use development properties. Under Tracy’s leadership, Inland Property Tax
Services, LLC has saved its clients in excess of $46 million in annual taxes. Prior to joining Inland,
Tracy Le served as a Certified Licensed Appraiser/Property Valuation Analyst with the Property Tax
Division of the Utah State Tax Commission. Tracy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance
from the University of Utah and her Master of Business Administration from Utah State University.
As a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Tracy received her Certified Member of
the Institute (CMI)designation. She is also a member of the National Property Taxpayers Association,
Taxpayers’ Federation of Illinois (TFI), and International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).Tracy
is an active mentor of the Women’s Initiative Network at Inland, a structured program that offers
educational opportunities and career advice for employees. In 2019, Tracy Le was chosen as one of the
Connect Media’s 2019 Women in Real Estate Award winners.

Telecia E. Morris
Vice President of Property Tax Compliance

Telecia E. Morris is the Vice President of Property Tax Compliance for Inland Property Tax Services,
LLC, an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC. She has been with the company for 26 dedicated
years. Telecia is accountable for a property tax portfolio in excess of $95 million in tax liabilities each
year. She is responsible for reviewing, approving and managing the day-to-day operations of all the
departments’ functions for Property Tax Compliance for the various Inland REITs and its affiliates. These
functions include tracking tax liabilities for over 3,000 commercial real estate and personal property
tax bills, and reporting and maintaining parcel data and financings of real estate. She also oversees
and assists external auditors for Inland Property Tax Services’ annual review of SOX Compliance.
Before joining Inland, Telecia worked in the retail and hotel industry as a Guest Services Manager
and Night Auditor. Telecia attended South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois, and studied
Hospitality Management. She is a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation and the National
Property Taxpayers Association.

Kathleen Ross
Vice President of Property Tax Reduction

Kathleen Ross is the Vice President of Property Tax Reduction for Inland Property Tax
Services, LLC, an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC. Kathleen currently manages the tax
appeal process from start to finish, and is responsible for the examination of assessment notices
for clerical errors, the review and analysis of income and expense surveys prior to submission, the
analysis of all relevant data to identify tax savings opportunities, providing clients with quarterly
customized assessment management reports and assisting with the annual real estate tax budget.
Prior to joining Inland in 2004, Kathleen was an Accountant for Nationwide. Kathleen received her
Bachelor of Arts degree in Accountancy from Robert Morris University in Chicago. She is a member of
the Institute for Professionals in Taxation.

Susan M. Len
Property Tax Analyst

Susan M. Len, CMI is a Property Tax Analyst for Inland Property Tax Services, LLC, an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC. Sue is responsible for setting up new properties; preparing fee agreements and authorizations; coordinating AP and AR billing; filing in-house personal property renditions; and assisting with appeals. Sue joins the team in 2020 with 14 years of real estate valuation analysis, assessment appeal filing and negotiation experience, and national business personal property filing experience with a national consulting firm. Prior to that she worked for many real estate firms in various capacities. She received her BA in Economics and Marketing from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is also a Certified Member of the Institute-Property Tax with the Institute for Professionals in Taxation.

Neringa Coffey
Property Tax Analyst

Neringa Coffey is a Property Tax Analyst for Inland Property Tax Services, LLC, an affiliate of The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC. Neringa is responsible for tracking, processing and verifying assessments, tax bills and appeal deadlines; obtaining paid tax bill receipts for tenant bill-back and mortgager requirements; scheduling quarterly client meetings; organizing and obtaining financial and property information from various ownership entities; and assisting with assembling documents for supporting property tax due diligence, compliance and reduction services. Neringa joins the team in July 2021 with years of real estate tax experience with a national real estate investment management company and prior to that with 9 years of experience with a national consulting firm. She is also a member of the Institute for Professionals in Taxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What information should be submitted to Inland Property Tax Services in order to prepare a tax projection for new acquisition due diligence?

A: To prepare a tax projection for new acquisition due diligence, our team will need the following:

  • Property address
  • Property description
  • Proposed purchase price
  • Offering memorandum or marketing brochure, if available
  • Deal sheet of income proforma, if available
  • Most current tax bill information, if available
  • Development agreements, as applicable
  • Abatement/exemption information, as applicable

Q: How often does Inland Property Tax Services review the tax appeals and what are the different levels of a valuation appeal?

A: Every property is reviewed annually to determine if an appeal is warranted. Typically, there are three levels involved in the appeals process: 1) an informal assessor review, 2) County Board of Review and 3) Court or Litigation. The appeal levels can vary by state, county and jurisdiction.

Q: When does Inland Property Tax Services provide real estate tax budgets, tax analysis and final tax estimates?

A: We provide real and personal property tax budgets on an annual basis upon request. Budgets are typically provided at the end of the calendar year for the following year’s taxes. Our team will also provide an updated tax estimate based on a final valuation accepted for that particular tax year once the appeal review is finalized.

Q: When are the property tax appeal and property tax payment deadlines?

A: Deadlines vary by jurisdiction. Please contact our team for updates as the deadlines are subject to change each year.

Q: Does Inland Property Tax Services secure paid receipts after payment is made?

A: Yes, and receipts are validated as well. Once confirmed, the receipt is scanned into our I-manage file for your records.